Dems hold GOP debate on GOP replacement plan

GOP senators are holding a news conference Thursday to discuss their next steps for replacing Obamacare.

Here are the key points from their conference call: Republicans want to start by addressing the public health risks from the opioid crisis.

They want to work out how to stabilize the individual market for 2018.

They also want to get the replacement plan out the door quickly to give states more time to find the right health insurance options.

Democrats want to delay the vote on the replacement until 2018.

But they want to avoid a government shutdown if that means the Senate can pass a bill that keeps funding the federal government and does not leave the federal health care law in place. 

Here are the other key points: The Senate is debating a Republican-backed plan to repeal Obamacare in a bipartisan fashion.

The House is debating two versions of the bill.

The House is set to vote Friday on a Democratic-backed replacement bill that would repeal some of the most popular elements of the Affordable Care Act.

Senate Democrats want the House to pass the replacement by Thursday, but it is unclear if it will have enough votes to pass.

On Thursday, Senate Republicans unveiled a bill to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act that would include tax credits for people to buy insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.

It would also allow Americans to keep their existing plans if they lose their jobs and have an income below 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Sen. Mike Lee, R -Utah, introduced the Better Care Reconciliation Act on Thursday.

The bill would expand Medicaid eligibility to nearly 4 million low-income people and cut funding for the Medicaid expansion, which would have cost $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

It also would repeal a requirement that insurance plans cover contraceptive services for women.

A bipartisan group of Republicans, led by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R –S.C., is pushing to block President Donald Trump’s executive actions to reduce the number of days people must wait for coverage to open, which Republicans say would force millions of people into waiting periods.

More than two dozen Republican senators have announced their opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill, including Sen. Ted Cruz, R Texas, who is facing an independent bid to win reelection in 2020.

It was unclear Thursday if the Senate would hold a vote on a version of the Graham/Cassidy plan that would leave some of Obamacare in place for 2018, although a similar plan passed the House earlier this year.

The Senate is set for its weekly vote on Thursday on the GOP health care plan, which will be the first major test for Republican leaders as they seek to pass legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Act.

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