Epic Games unveils a new game: Epic Games Fortnite

Epic Games has released Fortnites, its first game to be released for the PC and Mac platforms.

The game, which launched on PC in May, allows players to take on the role of Fortnitors who must stop the onslaught of invading zombies.

Players will be able to build up their fort by completing objectives, which are rewarded with loot boxes, weapons, armor, and more.

The latest update, which is now live, adds new achievements, weapons and more to the game.

The Fortnits are able to teleport, attack, and carry their payloads to other fortresses, while also being able to repair damaged structures.

Players can also choose to build their own structures to help them survive.

Fortnit soldiers also have a melee attack, but can be boosted to a ranged attack using a grenade launcher.

Players also have the ability to upgrade their fort with new upgrades like reinforced walls and more robust turrets.

The update adds two new characters to the Fortnitiates roster, which will be announced at a later date.

Fortnite was launched by Epic in August, and has been downloaded over 30 million times.

It is currently available for the Mac and PC platforms.

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