Which game is the best in NBA history?

Today, we’re breaking down the best NBA games of all time, from a few decades ago to today.

The first game to feature the modern 3-point shot, the NBA Finals in 1960 was the first time basketball was played in arenas.

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the game’s first MVP, with five games won, one win, one loss, and a game in overtime.

It was a close one, as the Lakers defeated the Celtics in five games.

In the 1960s, the Warriors, Spurs, and Knicks were the only NBA teams with a solid starting lineup, led by Hall of Famer Bob Cousy.

But as the Warriors and Knicks advanced to the finals, Cousy’s career was over, and he was replaced by future Hall of Fame coach Mike D’Antoni.

The Warriors went on to win the title in 1963, and D’Anoni went on a five-year run as head coach that produced four championship teams.

The last one, the 1971–72 team, lost to the Spurs in six games in the first round.

The Warriors won Game 7, and were swept by the Lakers in seven games in that series.

The Knicks won three titles during the D’Angelo era, but D’Anthony Jones, Steve Kerr, and Carmelo Anthony are the only players to win multiple championships during that era.

Jones led the Knicks to a 59-25 record and a second-place finish in the 1962 playoffs, and Kerr was the only player to win a championship during that time.The 1972–73 Warriors won their first championship in six years, beating the Knicks in seven, and beating the Lakers three times in six.

But in Game 7 of the NBA finals, the Lakers beat the Warriors in seven and the Celtics beat the Knicks three times.

That series was the last time the Warriors were able to repeat their win streak in the series, and they lost the series in six to the Lakers.The 1979–80 Warriors won a franchise-record 13 straight regular-season games, including the most victories in a regular season series (12). The 1980–81 team also won its first NBA championship, beating Boston in six in a seven-game series.

The team that beat the Celtics, the 76ers, was also the last to reach the finals of the series.

But the Knicks would fall to the Celtics twice in the next five seasons.

They would miss the playoffs in 1982, and the 76er squad that beat them in 1984 would also miss the postseason.The 1990–91 Warriors won the series against the 76s in five, losing in five to the Pistons in the NBA’s first championship.

In their four straight playoff appearances, the team went 8–4, including winning a third straight title in 1995.

The Knicks won the 1995–96 season series against them, beating them four times.The 1999–00 Warriors won consecutive NBA championships, winning five in a row, but missed the playoffs for the first four seasons.

The franchise lost in the finals in 2001 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and won back-to-back championships in 2006 and 2008, but failed to reach back- to-back finals in either of those seasons.The 2000–01 Warriors would go on to lose to the 76es again, and again in three straight years, but the Knicks won back to back titles in 2012 and 2014, with the third year being the only time they won two consecutive championships.

The next year, they lost to a Golden State squad that had the league’s best record, including a four-game sweep in the conference finals.The 2011–12 Warriors were one of the best teams in NBA History, winning a franchise record 11 consecutive regular-seasons, the third longest streak in NBA sports history.

They won the Finals in five straight games, but it was the Knicks who would take it from there, as they defeated the Spurs five times in a five game series.

That season, D’Andre Jordan led the team in scoring and rebounding, and Steph Curry and Klay Thompson led the league in steals.

But it was not enough to stop the Knicks from making a run at the title. The 2015–16 Warriors won five straight, including an epic six-game comeback victory against the Spurs.

Steph Curry led the way in scoring, and Kiawah Island was the site of the Warriors epic comeback win.

After losing in the second round to the Cavs, the Knicks were back in the postseason, this time against the Cavaliers.

It would be the Knicks first appearance in the Finals since 1995, and it would be a series that would come to be known as the “Delly Show.”

Cousy scored 37 points in Game 5, and Jones had 24 points and eight rebounds.

It wasn’t enough to keep the Cavs from making the playoffs, as Cleveland beat the Hawks in five in seven.

But this would be another Warriors run, and this time, it would come down to Game 6

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