Anonymous release video of a new GTA game

Anonymous has released a video that shows off its new GTA 5 online multiplayer game, which it claims is the first of its kind.

The anonymous user behind the video, who goes by the handle Anonymous, wrote: “GTA 5 is the most epic video game ever made, and the first to use online multiplayer for a real game.”

In the video below, the user shows off a new multiplayer game called “The Big Game,” which it says is based on the hit game Grand Theft Auto V. The new game will be released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita this summer.

The user also revealed that a new single-player mode called “Gta City” will be coming to the game later this year.

The GTA 5 video has been shared widely on Twitter, and was retweeted more than 8,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon.

The user’s account has also been taken down from Twitter.

We’ve made a GTA 5 trailer and it’s the most exciting thing to happen in years. Anonymous (@anon_baker) July 31, 2017This is an exclusive trailer for GTA 5 and it will be out in a few weeks.

— Anonymous (@Anonymous) July 30, 2017Anonymous says that it is not the first game to use this online multiplayer feature.

The anonymous hacker group known as Lizard Squad released a similar game called The Big Game back in 2012, and it also used it to release a GTA IV game.

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