New Game Network to launch online gaming channel in 2018

New Game Networks, the online gaming service that launched earlier this year, has been renamed to New Game Sports.

The company will be headed by the former Vice President of Games and Media for Xbox Live Games, Justin Wilson.

New Game is expected to launch in the second half of 2018.

The move is part of an effort to expand the network’s reach beyond the traditional games audience.

New Gam will also be a leader in new game experiences, including virtual reality and augmented reality, with plans to launch a new social VR app.

New Game Network was launched in April 2018, but has been slow to gain traction among users.

The service had over 700 million monthly active users before a number of games went offline and some users complained that it was inaccessible.

Wilson has been instrumental in building up the company and has worked with Microsoft and Sony on the new platform.

He said in a statement, “New Game Networks has been an invaluable partner to the Xbox and Xbox Live family and we are thrilled to welcome Justin Wilson to our team as part of our team of strategic partners to help launch our first network in 2018.”

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