A new Nintendo Game Controller for the PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The PS4 Pro is coming, but you’re still waiting to find out when, and for how much.

Sony announced the new Pro controller and console in September, but the first real consumer devices have yet to arrive.

The Switch, a much more powerful version of the PS3, has yet to launch, but its official announcement was made in October.

Now, Nintendo is launching a new gaming device, a new controller for the Nintendo Switch, and a bunch of new games.

The new controller is called the Pro X, and it’s an impressive piece of hardware.

The Pro X sports a new, larger touchpad that’s just under three inches long and is about five inches wide, and an aluminum body that’s about the same thickness as a regular PS4 controller.

It’s also taller than the Pro.

The X also features a new face-mounted wireless microphone, a USB Type-C port, and 3.5mm stereo audio output.

It also includes a dual-shock controller that can also be used as a handheld controller, a built-in wireless charging port, an optional USB Type C adapter, and additional USB ports.

It comes in two colors: gold and silver, which is the default option for most Switch owners.

A 3.75-inch touchpad has a touchpad-sized button on the left side and a tiny “X” on the right.

This is a nice touch, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of control options beyond basic button presses.

The touchscreen can be rotated 90 degrees, and the buttons can be mapped to tilt, swipe, or rotate the Joy-Con.

The buttons are also available to tilt or swipe in portrait mode, which lets you see your finger position.

The button configuration can also toggle between four colors: black, silver, gray, and red.

The Joy-Cons can be swapped out with other Switch controllers, and there’s a dedicated power button for the DualShock 4.

A microUSB port is also on the top of the X, which plugs into a standard USB-C cable and has a Micro-USB charging port.

You can power the X with a USB-A, USB-B, or Lightning cable.

The controller also includes an IR blaster, a power-sensitive LED light, a speaker, a MicroUSB charging cable, and two USB-D charging ports.

The base price of the Pro is $499, and you can pick up the X for $499 with an HDMI cable and a three-year warranty.

You’ll need an HDMI adapter for the power adapter to work.

The only major gripe with the Pro controller is that you can’t switch to a third party controller.

Nintendo did, however, add a bunch more functions to the Pro, including a new gamepad and a gamepad-specific mode.

It has four Joy-Controllers and two Switch controllers built-into the base unit, and those add up to five controllers.

For example, the Pro Controller will work with the Joy Cons if you have one of those included.

The four Joy Controllers also allow for different modes of play.

The PSVR is a virtual reality headset, and in this case, you can use the Pro with a Nintendo Switch controller.

The PlayStation VR, however is limited to just VR mode, meaning you can only see VR footage.

The standard PSVR requires you to pair a PlayStation 4 Pro with the headset, which will make it difficult to get an accurate look at VR footage using the Pro controllers.

That’s not the case with the PlayStation VR Pro.

For a VR experience, you have two options: You can use a standard PS4 Controller with a PS VR headset, or you can pair the PSVR Pro with one of the two standard PS VR controllers and play VR.

The more expensive the Pro gets, the more expensive you’ll need a standard controller.

In my experience, this meant pairing a PSVR DualShock 3 Pro with an Xbox One Pro, and using the two controllers to play PSVR games.

However, this is still a good way to get a VR game in VR, because you can just see the screen and see your hands move, but there’s no actual VR.

Switch owners can use an optional controller for PlayStation VR with the Dualshock 4, or buy an additional controller for $129.

Switch gamers who don’t own an Xbox or PlayStation VR can also get a Dualshock Pro for $149.

The New Nintendo Switch is a smaller version of Sony’s PlayStation 4, and has only a handful of ports.

But the controller can connect to a standard HDMI port, so you can hook up a TV to a TV and watch content.

The power supply is also a standard 2-pin and 3-pin.

The controllers come in three colors, with the black, gold, and silver being the default options for most of the options.

The DualShock controller supports up to four controllers,

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