How to get the best of both worlds in a puzzle game

Puzzle games are great because they give you so many choices to make.

From the original puzzler classics like Space Invaders and The Amazing Spider-Man, to the newest releases like Puzzle Quest and Sudoku, the puzzle genre is full of possibilities.

You can play games that give you clues, give you an explanation of a puzzle, or even challenge you to solve them yourself.

Here are seven great puzzle games that will take you through a puzzle-filled world. 


Puzzle Quest, 2017-2018A puzzler game in which you must explore and solve puzzles that you find on your own in order to progress.

Puzzle games tend to be fun because you can make your own puzzles, and you can also explore and improve your puzzle-solving skills. 


Sudoku Puzzle, 2018A puzzle game in the vein of Sudoku or Rubik’s Cube.

It’s a simple game in that you can play and practice to improve your puzzles. 


Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, 2017A classic arcade fighter game that offers a unique challenge that players can find in the game. 


The Amazing SpongeBob SquarePants, 2017The original SpongeBob-themed game that was featured in the first SpongeBob Movie.

Super SpongeBob has a twist on the traditional SpongeBob theme. 


Tetris, 2017This game has a unique twist on Tetris by having players build a puzzle using a block. 


Tetrimino, 2017An original puzzle game that gives players a chance to explore a very unique world.

You play a small robot with the power of gravity that must help a human escape the clutches of a gigantic, robot. 


Super Mario Bros. 3, 2009The Super Mario-inspired puzzler is a game in its own right.

You will find a lot of fun and challenge in the original game, as well as a new, different puzzle that’s a bit harder.

What are your favorite puzzle games?

Share your thoughts below!

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