Why You Need to Know About the Nickelodeon Games You’re Missing

If you’re a fan of Nickelodeons animated programming, you’re probably familiar with the show’s characters.

But the show also has a lot of stories that go deeper than just the main characters.

Here are 10 things you might not know about Nickelodeona cartoons.


The ‘Mama and the Papi’ Movie The movie about the friendship between the titular two Papi and their little sister, Mama, is about two sisters trying to raise their little brother in a loving, normal, normal family.

The Papi brothers are voiced by James Marsters and Bill Nighy.

It was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film.


The Big Bang Theory’s “Someday I’m Going to Die” The show stars Anthony Anderson and Jim Parsons as two physicists who are sent to the big bang to discover what happens when the universe is created and cooled.

They travel to a future that is ruled by two powerful entities known as “The Doctor and The Queen,” who use their power to rule the universe.

The characters, including the Doctor, must explore their origins and fight to save the universe from the Queen.


The Original “The Lion King” was about two little boys who were kidnapped by a lion and taken to a kingdom called Amazons.

The show follows their adventures in a jungle and eventually makes it to the Royal Palace, where the King of the Jungle, named Amazon, is looking for the boy.

The Lion King is nominated for an Academy Award.


The Simpsons’ “Marge Simpson Goes to the Zoo” The Simpson family is a family of anthropomorphic animals, including a lion, an elephant, a tiger, a whale, and a lioness.

It stars Matt Groening and Wil Wheaton as a couple who go to the zoo to get away from their father.


The Amazing Spider-Man’s “Spidey is Coming” The Spidey web-slinger is played by Tom Holland and is a web-head with the ability to absorb and transform into different animals.

It’s an origin story for Peter Parker, who is Spider-man and a webster.


The Transformers’ “The Ultimate Weapon” The Transformers are a fictional alien race that are in charge of transforming humans into Transformers.

They were created by Eric Bana and Brian Posehn, who also wrote the movie and animated feature film.


The Nickelodeo Kids show “The SpongeBob SquarePants Show” is a popular children’s television show featuring SpongeBob and his friends.

The main character, SpongeBob, is a sponge who is a child of the city of Krabby Patty.

The series has been nominated for five Emmy Awards and three Peabody Awards.


The Pixar Animation Studio’s “Monsters Inc” is about a group of misfits who go on a dangerous mission to save a world.

It is also nominated for two Academy Awards.


The Disney Channel’s “Adventure Time” is an animated series about the adventures of a young boy named Finn.

The episode “The First Day of Spring” features a magical day of spring and is about an attempt by the trolls to bring a new world into being.


The CW’s “Jane the Virgin” is set in a fictional world where a teenage girl is married to a priest named Jane.

It follows Jane as she begins to discover that her father is a lesbian, and how her life has changed after discovering she is gay.

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